• Fly around and get rich

    Fly around and get rich

    It's super fun and stuff

  • Fight with your friends

    Fight with your friends

    Because you really never liked them anyway, did you?

  • A Mobile Game

    A Mobile Game

    No app required! Runs right in the browser that's already on your mobile.

  • RTFM


    That's why we wrote it

Work in Progress

Our entry for the August Lisp Game Game 2016.

Really, nothing works yet.

Mobile Web Game

A mobile game to play in your browser — no app download required


(Yes, it's a Lisp-based game, but sent to you in Javascript form)

Explore a strange new world

Compete with your friends to build a trade empire as the pilot of your airship.

Earn gold, fight off pirates, and upgrade your ship.

Check out these fun features!
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Fly around
Sailing, sailing … way high up, above the bounding Main
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Sell stuff
so you can make more money
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Project Title 4
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A new AR game with no Apps required.

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